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We develop technologies that make synthesis of nanoparticles more effective and efficient

Effectiveness of antibiotics is shrinking. Bacteria is becoming tolerant to antibiotic medication. At Nano-syn, we develop technology that leverages latest scientific advances in nanoparticle synthesis. Enabling pharmaceuticals to win every time against bacteria infections.

We are a team of scientists, engineers and business leaders from the United Kingdom and Thailand that have joined together to achieve this vision. With a recent award from The Royal Academy of Engineering, we are combining our expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, computational fluid dynamics and growing enterprises from scientific innovations. We are creating technology advancements and economic growth in these regions of the world. This initiative is led by Dr Amir Keshmiri, Director of CFD Research/CFD Consultancy group based at University of Manchester, UK.

The Team

Dr Amir Keshmiri

Amir is a Senior Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics & Director of Business Engagement at the University of Manchester. He leads a team specialising in cardiovascular modeling & simulations.

Dr Michael McElroy

Michael is the Managing Director at Medical Simulation Technologies Ltd, a biomedical engineering research and consultancy company based in Manchester.

Dr Soracha Thamphiwatana

Soracha is an Assistant Professor in biomedical engineering at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

Dr Surapong Chatpun

Surapong is an Assistant Professor in biomedical engineering at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

Mr Nutthaphol Khupsathianwong

Nutthaphol is the Managing Director of Prime Nanotechnology in Thailand. A nanotechnology-based company specialising in nanomaterial synthesis and applications.

Dr Moe Roohanifar

Moe is a Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy at The Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of Couette Ltd, an engineering consultancy company in the UK.

Dr Hoang Minh Tu Van

Hoang is a Clinical scientist at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in the United Kingdom.

Latest News

17th June 2019

The team meet with the Vice President of National Science & Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the Chief Innovation Officer of Green Innovative Biotechnology at the Thailand Science Park.

14th June 2019

The team visit Prince of Songkla University to discuss new possibilities for the project and how Nano-syn products can fit in with and benefit the Thai economy.

12th June 2019

The team arrive in Thailand and enjoy a welcome dinner with industrial and academic partners.

1st November 2018

The team receive funding from The Royal Academy of Engineering to begin working on the project.


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